What If I Don’t Get The Live Transcript Button In Zoom?

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The article will help you fix the issue if you do not see the Live Transcript button in your Zoom meetings




As a meeting host, if you do not see the CC (live transcription) button, you can use the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are using the Zoom Client or the Zoom App, and not the Web browser.
  2. Check your Zoom profile settings to make sure that Close Captioning and Live Transcription are enabled.
    1. You can do this by logging into your Zoom account and going to Settings:
  1. Then, going to “in meeting (Advanced)” and make sure these options are enabled (Blue):
  1. Once they are enabled, you should be able to set and enable Live Transcription in any meetings you are hosting in the future. Once you enable this for participants, they will see a “CC” button on their end and turn on subtitles, and view a live transcription. 


  • I am a meeting participant and do not see the CC (Live Transcription) button.
    • Live Transcriptions need to be enabled by a meeting host. Inform a meeting host that this is not available and ask them to enable it. 
  • I am using a Mobile device and cannot save or search a Live Transcript. 
    • At this time, Mobile App users are not able to save or search Live Transcripts.

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