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Google Drive for Desktop (formerly called Google FileStream) is a desktop application that allows you to access and work directly on files that are actually stored on your Google Drive right from your computer’s file browser (“File Explorer” on PC, “Finder” on Mac). This article provides resources on how to set this up and use it to access and manage your Google Drive files from your computer.




Why would I need to use this? 

If you prefer using the interface your computer offers over using Google Drive on the Web, using this application would make your web files easier to navigate, locate and use. Google Drive for Desktop is assigned a drive letter on your computer, effectively making Google Drive as accessible and flexible/easy to use as any other drive or folder in Windows Explorer.

How does it work/what does it actually do?

Your files are still stored on the cloud rather than your computer’s hard drive, and any changes you make are automatically synced with the cloud for quick, easy access from anywhere you have an Internet connection; no downloading and re uploading required!

What do I need to do to set this up? 

Go here and follow the instructions provided.

I’ve set up Google Drive for Desktop. Now, how do I access files?

This tutorial from Google provides step-by-step instructions for accessing your file.

I’ve set up Google Drive for Desktop. Now, how do I manage files?

This tutorial from Google provides step-by-step instructions for managing your files.

Is a self-service FAQ section already available on the internet to address common issues?

Yes – click this link for a complete tutorial that takes you from installing the application to opening it, working with files, and adjusting settings

Additional Notes:

  • After launching the downloaded application, make sure to tick the boxes during installation to add the application shortcut to your desktop, and create desktop shortcuts for docs/sheets/slides, and then click “Install”.
  • Files/folders can be mirrored or streamed:
  • Mirrored files are stored both in Google Drive and on the local computer, changes made on either end will be synced, and the same amount of disk space will be needed on the local machine as is used in Google Drive.
  • Streamed files are stored on Google Drive only (unless configured to be available offline). Changes are made directly to the version of the file stored in the cloud.  This method uses less disk space, but (except for offline files) can only be used when the local device has an Internet connection. (so, you can’t use this if you are not connected to Wifi or the Internet.)

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