Student Printing Locations And Charges

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This article details the way free print and copy funds are credited, how they can be used and how additional funds can be added. It also details the costs for printing/copying and in what locations students can access different services.




Credits are granted to each student at the start of the academic year each August. Within the print management system, these are referred to as a free print credit. The credit is $50.00 and can only be used for printing and copying at compatible locations listed below. Once free print credits have been consumed, any available FLEX Dollars will be used and you can make further deposits to your FLEX Dollars account for additional funds. Unused free print credits are forfeited when the next annual credit is issued.

Students can print using secure release (such as the Lab print queue in labs and classrooms) or direct release (such as Millennium Lab and Athletics Study Room). Secure release is identified by using your One Card to swipe before your job is printed, whereas direct release is printed immediately, even if you’re across campus. When using direct release, you are charged immediately at the time of the print and no refunds will be issued for missing print jobs, so please be mindful about where your job is sent and your ability to retrieve it promptly.

Device Locations and Print Queues 

Secure release locations accessible by the “Lab” print queue

Call Center in CASEDinneen 333
Library First Floor*McDermott Kiosk (across from enrollment services)
Library Instructional RoomMacMahon Student Center Fifth floor*
Loyola Labs 12 & 13* Meadowlands Lab*
​​​​​​*Color printing, copying, and scanning is available in these locations. 

Direct print locations

LocationQueue Name
Pope 311 Nursing Lab Pope 311 Nursing Lab
Athletics (RLC Lower Level)Athletics Study Room
Saint Peter’s Hall Computer Lab room 204SPH Lab
Whelan Hall Computer Lab Lower LevelWhelan Lab
Millennium Hall Computer Lab Lower LevelMillennium Lab
Veteran’s Memorial Court Computer Lab Lower Level 152VMC Lab


Mono (B&W)1 Print$0.10 per impression2 under 11”x17”$0.20 per impression2 11”x17” and larger
Color1 Print$0.25 per impression2 under 11”x17”$0.50 per impression2 11”x17” and larger
Mono (B&W)1 Copy$0.10 per impression2 under 11”x17”$0.20 per impression2 11”x17” and larger
Color1 Copy$0.25 per impression2 under 11”x17”$0.50 per impression2 11”x17” and larger
Scan to Email or Google Drive$0.00

1 Color or Mono charging is determined by the device used and is separate from the actual output. In order to receive color output, a job containing color must be retrieved from a color device. Color jobs retrieved from mono devices will be converted to mono and charged the mono rate. Mono jobs retrieved from color devices will be converted to color and charged the higher color rate, however since the mono job does not contain color information, there will not be any color in the output.

An impression, or sheet, differs from a page depending on whether one side (simplex) or both sides (duplex) of each page are impressed by the device.


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