Setting Up DUO Security MFA For VPN Access

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This article describes how to setup Duo multi-factor authentication for use for the Saint Peter’s University VPN


University Employees


To do this one-time setup you will need both your mobile device and your computer.   

Steps 1 – 6 are done from your computer.

Steps 7 – 19 You will need your mobile device along with your computer.

  1. You will receive an email from Duo Security <> with the following information: 
Email from Duo Security Enrollment
Email contents

Make sure to click the first link within the email. Do not share your email with others – the link is unique to you. 

  1. After you have clicked the link, you will see the below screens. Click “Next” on all three of them.
  2. “Duo Device Health” is an optional application that helps check device security – you may download it or skip it.
    Once you have downloaded it, click “Open the app”, or if you have decided to skip it, click “Skip for now”. 
Install Duo Device Health Screenshot
  1. You will be asked to select a login option. You must use the “Duo Mobile” method. Select this option to continue.

Select an Option - Duo Mobile Recommended Screenshot
  1. After selecting an option, you will be asked to enter your active phone number that is used on your mobile device. Enter this and click “Add Phone Number”. If you prefer to use a tablet to authenticate instead of a mobile device, select that option and follow the instructions to proceed. 
Enter your phone number screenshot
  1. If you have added a phone number, it will ask you to verify this number. Click “Yes, It’s correct” or “No, change it”.
Is phone number correct? screenshot
  1. Next, take out your mobile device. You will need to download the Duo Mobile App from Google Play or the Apple store.
    While you are downloading and installing the Duo Mobile App, keep the below screen open, as you will need to use it to continue after installation. 
Download Duo Mobile screenshot

Here is what the Duo Mobile App icon looks like on the Google Play store (it will be similar on the Apple Store). Proceed to download and install it on your mobile device. 

Google Play Store Duo Mobile Screenshot
  1. Once you have installed the Duo Mobile App on your mobile device, click the “Next” button from Step #7. 
Download Duo Mobile Screnshot
  1. You will be asked to use the camera on your mobile device to scan the QR code on this page. Keep this page with the QR code up (or switch to ‘get an activation link” if you wish to do this instead). 

On your mobile device, open the Duo Mobile App that you just installed. 


Scan this code in Duo Mobile Screenshot


Welcome to Duo Security screenshot
  1. Tap “Set up account”, and you should see the below screen on your mobile device. Tap “Use a QR code” if you chose this option in Step #9, or tap “use activation code” if you chose this option in Step #9 instead. 
Link your account screenshot
  1. If you tapped “Use a QR code” in Step #10. your mobile device will go to “camera mode”. Allow the Duo Mobile  App to use the camera if prompted, and proceed to scan the QR code that appeared in Step #9.
Enable camera screenshot
  1.  Once the QR code is scanned or the activation code is completed, you will be asked to name your account. DO NOT CHANGE THIS ACCOUNT NAME – just click “Save”. 
Name Account screenshot
  1. Next, you will see an “Account Linked” message on your mobile device. You can choose to practice how to protect your identity or skip this for now.
Account Linked! Screenshot
  1. Once you have completed practicing, or if you have skipped this step, you will see a screen asking if you want to improve the experience of this App by sending data to the application. This is optional – you can choose Yes (Continue) or No (Turn off).
Improve your experience screenshot
  1. Almost finished! Click “OK” to continue.
Almost there screenshot
  1. Next on your mobile device, you should see a screen containing a passcode that can be copied. This is not needed now, but may be helpful later in case there are authentication issues. Once you get to this screen on your mobile device, you can exit/close the Duo Mobile app.
passcode screenshot
  1.  On your computing device, after step #14, the below message will appear – Duo Mobile has been set up so it will send a push notification to your mobile device the next time you try to connect to the VPN. Click Continue.
Added Duo Mobile screenshot
  1. You will see a page letting you know that you can add another way to log in/ authenticate, such as a Security Key. If you do not want to add this, click ‘Skip for now”. 
Add another way to log in?
  1.  FINALLY, you will get a “setup completed” screen. 
Setup Complete screenshot

Duo Security is now properly configured.

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