Setting Up A Link To Zoom In A Blackboard Course

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If you are an instructor and wish to use Zoom for your course, we have added an integration that allows you to set up/schedule Zoom Meetings for your course within your Blackboard shell. This article demonstrates how to add this link to your Blackboard course. 


University Employees


The below video contains a brief (2-minute) demonstration on how to add a Zoom Link to your Blackboard Course. 

Before setting this up, both yourself and your students must activate your SPU Zoom accounts. Instructions on this can be found in our “Getting Started with Zoom at Saint Peter’s University” Knowledge base article. 

When setting up this link, if you want students to be able to see it, make sure to tick the box that says “Available to Users”. When students click it, they will see a dashboard containing all of the meetings you have set up for that Blackboard class, as well as an area where recordings will be kept (if enabled), and a button next to each scheduled meeting to allow your students to join from there. Again, both yourself and your students must activate your SPU Zoom accounts to be able to use this feature. 

Other Zoom Questions and Support

  • For further instructions, guides and resources on Zoom, see our Related Articles section for more information on various processes. Additionally, Zoom has created a robust self-service website with many FAQs and search options to support questions you may have about all of the features within this product. Click the access the Zoom Help Center and you will be able to type out questions to search these guides; navigate through articles and support topics, and watch videos and tutorials. 

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