Phone System Features And Services

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The Saint Peter’s University phone system is an Avaya premise-based system providing service and functionality over what is known as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  In other words, voice and data are received over a single network (The Saint Peter’s IP Network) instead of separate networks, simplifying phone provisioning, installation, and relocation.  The system provides numerous features and services.  Some considered pertinent or useful to staff and faculty are documented below with links to how to setup and use them.





One of the most commonly used phone system features is call forwarding, simply because we are not always in our office, but still need to receive calls.  Even if we are in our office, we still need to have calls route somewhere if we do not pick up.  Click on this link, “how to forward and unforward a phone extension” to learn how to forward your calls.

Voice Mail

Most Saint Peter’s University employees have a voice mailbox attached to their extension. The voice mail system gives you more than simply a vehicle for leaving and receiving messages.   You can create and utilize multiple personal greetings, create and use mailing lists, transfer from voice mail to an extension, create and send outgoing messages and perform other useful functions. Click on one of the links listed below to learn more about the corresponding feature and how to perform the function. Performing these functions requires logging into your voice mailbox.  The only exception is transferring out of voice mail to an extension, which can also be done when connected to another Saint Peter’s University user’s mailbox.  You can also log into your voice mailbox from another Saint Peter’s University user’s mailbox by pressing *7.  Click on Logging into Voice Mailbox to log into your mailbox.


Please contact the IT Service Desk (201-761-7800, if you need further assistance with these features and functions.


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