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This article presents the new method for logging into Peacock Connect website.




How to access Peacock Connect:

  1. On your web browser, navigate to
  1. On the upper right corner of the Peacock Connect landing page, click on the drop-down menu and select Login.
  1. Log in with your SPU Google account information.
  1. After logging on, you will see your name on the left side underneath the header photo.


Please note that If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will not be able to access PeacockConnect.

For more information on logging into your  SPU Google Account, or if you experience issues with this, please read this article.

  • If you are not logged into any Google or Gmail account, you will be prompted to log in. If you see your SPU Google account appear, then type in the password, click “Sign in”, and you will automatically be logged into PeacockConnect. If a NON-SPU Google account is listed, click the link that says “Sign in with a different account” and input your SPU Google account information. 
  • If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will see the following error message:
Google 403 Error message "App_not_enabled_for_user" with Broken Robot image
  • If you see the above message, make sure to log OUT of your personal Gmail or Google account, and log in to your SPU Email/Google account, and go back to Step 3 to log in. 

If you see the above error message, you are at the incorrect site. Browse to instead.


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