How To Use Zoom Live Transcript

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This article highlights the basics of enabling and using Live Transcript in a Zoom meeting




As the Meeting Host click the “Live Transcript” button at the bottom of your meeting window. 

Note that if this icon is not visible due to the length of the Zoom window, it can be found under the “…”(More) icon: 

Next, click “Enable Auto-Transcription”

The Live Transcript will begin appearing at the bottom of your screen as below

You can adjust the size of the print by selecting the arrow to right of subtitle settings

You will get the screen below where you can move the font size to what you desire

During your meeting you can drag the captions to where you want them to appear


How to View and Save the Live Transcript

You can view the Live Transcript at the end of your class or meeting (or during if you like) by again clicking the up arrow near the CC (Live Transcript) button and select “View Full Transcript”

If you are on a mobile device, click the “…” (More) option and then “View Live Transcript”. 

You can save the transcript by click Close Full Transcript and Save Transcript

To retrieve the transcript, click show in finder

Open the saved transcript by selecting the appropriate “meeting…txt” file

How to turn on Subtitles (if you are not the host)

If you are a Meeting Participant, ask the Meeting Host to turn on this feature using the steps above. Once they do, you will see the below message and button appear:

Once a Meeting Host has enabled the Auto-Transcription, click the CC (Live Transcript) button and select “Show Subtitle.” Subtitles will appear as people talk. If you are using a mobile device, this will happen automatically.


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