How To Stream On AIRTAME Devices

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This article shows how to stream on AIRTAME device on campus to wirelessly mirror a desktop and laptop.




  1. You will need to download the AIRTAME application via the link AIRTAME provides on the display.  You can also install the app at
  2. Open the Airtame app.
  3. Find the targeted device in the list, or enter its IP address.  You will be prompted to add a 4-digit passcode provided by the AIRTAME device shown on the display when attempting to connect.
  4. Click “Share screen” for each device you wish to stream to.
  5. When you are done, return to the app panel and click “Stop” to finish the stream.

AIRTAME devices are currently available in the following locations

  1. MacMahon Student Center
    • Conference room 525
    • Conference room 527
  2. Pope Hall
    • Room 302
    • Room 307
    • Room 312

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