How To Set Layout In A Google Meet

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This article demonstrates how to change/set the layout within Google Meet settings for a presenter and as a participant. 




You can set the number of people that you see tiled in a Google meet – this number currently can go up to 49.

You will be able to see participants displayed similarly to the image below:

While Google Meet will automatically try to pick the best layout by default, you can manually choose this to decide what you want to appear on your screen. If you want your participants to be displayed differently, click the 3-dot icon at the lower right, and then select ‘Change Layout”:

From here, the options are:
–  Sidebar

–  Tiled

– Spotlight

Click the option you want to set. 

Once you set a layout, it will only apply to you – all participants are free to pick whichever layout they feel comfortable with, or let Meet automatically pick the layout for them. 

If you choose the “Auto or “Tiled” layout, drag the scroll-bar at the bottom to the right to be able to see more participants in your meeting. Currently, you will be able to see as many as 49.

Please refer to the Google Meet Layout page for additional information, or the Google Meet help page for other inquiries regarding Google Meet functions and tools. 


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