How To Scan A Document Using A Toshiba MFP Device

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Getting Started

Before you begin, you must connect your Google account with our print services. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Swipe your Saint Peter’s OneCard on the card reader attached to the MFP.

The MFP will show any pending print jobs you have waiting to release.

Press the home button on the right hand side to get to the main menu.

Place your document in the scan feeder, or on the flat scanner.

Option #1: Scan To Your Google Drive

Press the “Google Drive Scan To My Drive” icon. (reminder the first time you use this on the device, you will need to type in your Saint Peter’s email address.)

Adjust settings as needed on the left hand side, then press the scan button.

The MFP will scan the page, and then give you the option to add more pages to the scan. After you have scanned all of your pages, press the Next button.

The following will then come up with a page asking you where in Google drive you would like to save it. Press the collection button to specify your save location.

Once you press the “Collection” button, you will see the screen below, select the destination and click “Finished”.

Click send and you will find your document in the specified location in Google Drive shortly.

Option #2: Receive Your Scanned Document Via Email

To scan the document and email it to yourself, press the “Scan to My Email” icon.

Adjust the color mode, file format, resolution, and number of side options as necessary.

Press the green Start button on the touch screen or the physical Start button to the right.

You will receive an email shortly with your scanned document.

Option #3: Send Your Scanned Document To Someone Else

Press the scan icon on the touch screen and the menu below will appear.  Press the “E-mail” icon to start your scan. Please note, the “File” and “WS Scan” options are not functional.  Scanning to your departmental “Shared” drive is not available.

Once you press the “E-Mail icon, you will see the menu below.

Press the keypad icon to bring up the on-screen keyboard, or slide out the physical keyboard.  Enter the first email address, then press the multi button if you would like to add more recipients.

After entering all email addresses, press OK, and the following confirmation screen will come up. 

Once you have checked the addresses, press the “Scan” button.

The recipient(s) will receive an email with the document shortly.


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