How To Remove Grid View Extension In Google Chrome

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Grid view gives every participant an equal sized video for use in meetings. This article describes what to do when you have more than one Grid View extension installed or when it is not working properly to remove it on Google Chrome. 




You may see this message if you have more than one Grid View extension installed. 

Step 1.

This can be done whether you are sign in to your browser or not. In the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser click on the vertical dots as shown in the picture below  . Then click Settings.

Step 2.

A new tab will open. On the bottom left of the browser, click Extensions

Step 3. 

A new tab will open that shows you all of the extensions that are downloaded on your Google Chrome. You will see two grid views extensions, the one that is manage by the institution is greyed out. Find the duplicate Grid View extension as shown below, and click Remove. Then click Remove again.

*If you are still experiencing issues after un installing the extension, you may need to clear your cache and cookies and restart your Internet browser.


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