How To Forward And Unforward A Phone Extension

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You can manually activate and deactivate call forwarding from any phone connected to the Saint Peter’s phone system.  Below are the steps to perform.

NOTE – Please make or send a request to the IT Client Service if you need calls to your office phone forwarded and are off-campus or want to customize your call coverage.


University Employees


University extensions can be forwarded to other campus extensions and off-network phone numbers such as a cell or home number. Employees can do this directly from any Avaya phone on campus.  An extension can only be forwarded to one number at a time.

To activate call forwarding from an Avaya phone on campus:

*Alternative: press call forward button on the phone of forwarding extension (if programmed) and skip to step 3.

  1. Dial *300 from any Avaya phone.
  2. Dial the extension to be forwarded.
  3. Dial the extension or full phone number (81<10-digit #>) of where calls are to be received. A confirmation tone will be heard. 
  4. Make a test call for further confirmation.

To deactivate call forwarding:

  1. Dial #300 from any Avaya phone.
  2. Dial forwarding extension.  A confirmation tone will be heard.
  3. Make a test call for further confirmation.

To activate call forwarding from off campus, please submit a request including the extension to be forwarded and the phone number to which it should be forwarded.


  • Calls if not answered will be connected to Saint Peter’s voicemail (forwarded extension’s mailbox) as long as the number of rings is less than what is required to connect to the forward to phone number’s voicemail.

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