How To Complete An Event Request Form

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This article explains how to submit and modify an event request using Event Manager.





Log In

Event Manager is available from the University website or directly from any browser. For assistance logging into Event Manager, please see How To Log Into Event Manager.

Submitting New Events

Once you’re logged in, select CREATE AN EVENT from the left navigation bar.

You will be brought to the event request form, which is broken up into five sections. While not all fields are required (*), entering your event details as accurately and completely as possible will help ensure a timely approval and minimal delay for additional information so your selected location(s) are reserved.

Event Details

Naming your event and providing a good summary is critical as this information is displayed on the calendar, if your event is public. Please name and distinguish your event in a way that the general community can easily understand. Optionally, a more detailed or customized description can be added to further increase the visibility of your event.

Location & Time

A date, time, and location can be selected in either order and using the Location Search, locations can be sorted using features, capacity, and availability in more detail.

Note, that multiple locations can be requested for the same event, particularly useful for larger events and divisible spaces.

A setup should be chosen based on the type of event and the intended number of attendees specified for each location selected.

For each location selected, the appropriate features needed should be selected for each location. Note that standard features included with the location by default are greyed out, whereas optional features must be selected. A note can be added to selected optional features, which can be used to clarify the needs of the event.

Choose an available date and time for your event, as well as confirming if it’s Public (shown on the University Event Calendar) or not and if it should be a featured event.

Please note that setup and breakdown times are calculated by the system based on the location and features requested and should not be changed unless additional time is known to be needed by the requestor in advance, such as for additional time needed for catering or other 3rd party services not included in the event form.

Recurring events and multiple non-consecutive occurrences of an event can all be submitted in a single event request, either by choosing them from the calendar selection or the advanced Multiple-Day Options.

Categories & Keywords

Categories and keywords can be added to the event for additional filtering and search optimization through the events calendar.

Pictures & Attachments

You can upload your own photo for the event, which will be displayed on the event calendar, to help distinguish and promote your event. This is highly recommended for all public events and required for featured events.

Contact Information

Normally the contact information provided should be that of the requestor, but in certain cases, another individual can be listed when an event is submitted on behalf of someone else. Please note that a University email address and phone number should be used in all cases. This contact information is supplementary only in that all emails and notifications from Event Manager will be sent to the requestor and only the requestor can see the event in their Events tab or modify the event.​​​

At this point, you may review the event to confirm the information provided is correct and submit it for approval.

Editing Events

Once your event is submitted, you can login to Event Manager and see it under the Events tab.

Here you’ll see all your events and can select any single event or series in order to make changes to it, if needed.

When editing, you’ll see the same event form, can make the necessary changes, and re-submit it. Please note that like new event requests, changes must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance.

Viewing Events

Once an event is approved, you’ll see the event on the event calendar, if it was a public event. Depending on the upcoming featured events across the University, you may see it at the top of the page as well.


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