How To Access Applications Using Your SPU Email Account

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Several applications used by Saint Peter’s University require you to be signed in using your Saint Peter’s University Google Account (SPU Email Address), including Peacock Mail (your SPU Email); Blackboard, and Handshake. This article will show how to use your SPU Email address to access these applications.




Terminology used in this article:

SPU Email Address:  Your Saint Peter’s University Google account. This is also known as “G-suite”, “SPU Google account” or “SPU Google/Gmail”. It ends in

Non-SPU Email Address: This is any Google account using an Email address that is not your official University email address (which will always end in

There are three methods to log in using your SPU Email Address. 

1. Log into Google’s MyApps Dashboard and use “Google Apps” Tiles.

Some of your Google Applications may be available to you directly through this page, which means you don’t have to visit that application’s login page to sign in. This includes Blackboard and Handshake.

1A: Go to – if you are prompted to do so, sign in with your SPU Email Address. 

Google Sign-in page with email address field displayed

1B: If you are not signed in with your SPU Email Address, you will see the below message. Click “Add Account” and make sure to sign in using your SPU Email Address.

1C: If you are already signed in to your SPU Email Address, you will see a page with your Dashboard. After clicking the tile for an application you wish to launch, you will automatically be logged into that application, without having to sign in to it directly.

2. Logging in using the “Waffle” icon.

After you have logged into your SPU Email Address by logging into your University Email or other Google application, you can also access Google Apps, and Saint Peter’s Application tiles such as Blackboard and Handshake. 

2A: At the upper right corner of your browser, you will see a “Waffle” icon with 9 dots – this also contains your “Google Apps”. Click this to expand a menu:

Google Mail Screen with Waffle Icon highlighted to display text "Google Apps"

2B: This will display a few of the Google Apps available to you. If you have your browser in Full Screen, click “More” at the bottom and scroll down. Otherwise, just scroll down through the apps, and then click on the tile of the app you wish to log in to. 

For example, if I want to log in to Blackboard, I would scroll down, find the Blackboard tile, and click it: 

Google Apps Waffle Expanded showing Google Apps and Scrollbar with Blackboard icon at bottom

2C: After clicking the tile, you will automatically be logged into that application, without having to sign in to it directly.

3. Logging in through the application’s login website

Some applications will have a button or link on their login website which will allow you to click once to sign in, as long as you are already logged in to your SPU Email Address in the same web browser. 

For example, Handshake:

Handshake Login screen with SSO Login Button

Another example, Blackboard: 

Blackboard Login Screen with "Sign In with Third part Account" button expanded to choice "Saint Peter's University Google Account"

To access these applications: 

3A: After you have logged into your SPU Email Address using Step 1, go to the application’s regular login website, and then click the button for “SSO Login”, or “Sign in with third-party account”.

3B: If you are using your SPU Email Address, you will automatically be logged in to that application, without having to enter a password. 

3C: If you are logged into a NON-SPU Email Address, you will not be able to access some of these applications, like Blackboard or Handshake.

If you experience any difficulty accessing your applications, please see this article for FAQ/troubleshooting information, or contact IT Client services at 201-761-7800, or via Get Help.


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