Getting Started With Zoom At Saint Peter’s University

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Zoom is an audio-video collaboration tool with many exciting features, and a variety of uses. In addition to being able to schedule, host and join one-on-one or group meetings, Zoom has a shared whiteboard, breakout rooms, live polling and feedback, hand-raising, and the ability to utilize custom background images during your meeting. This article highlights how to get started with Zoom as well as where to find additional assistance and information on setting up and using this tool. 




Zoom at Saint Peter’s University

Everyone at Saint Peter’s University has access to Zoom.  

You can access Zoom via Scroll to the bottom and click the tile. 

The first time you do this, you will be asked to activate your SPU Zoom account **

  1. After clicking the Zoom Tile as mentioned above, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Click the link provided, and an email will be sent to you. 
  1. Access your SPU email. You will see a message similar to the below one. Click the button that says “Switch to the new account”.  
  1. After clicking this, you will be sent to Zoom to confirm your activation of your SPU Zoom account. Click the “I Acknowledge and Switch” blue button, and your SPU Zoom account will be activated. You will be brought to your Zoom Dashboard

Other Zoom Questions and Support

  • For further instructions, guides and resources on Zoom, see our Related Articles section for more information on various processes. Additionally, Zoom has created a robust self-service website with many FAQs and search options to support questions you may have about all of the features within this product. Access the Zoom Help Center, and you will be able to type out questions to search these guides; navigate through articles and support topics, and watch videos and tutorials. 


The closed caption functionality in Zoom is not automated like it is with Google Meet. Zoom requires the user to physically type the speaker’s text or connect to a third-party vendor to translate. Given that we will be completely remote, we are required to have closed captions in all fully online courses regardless of whether or not a student with a learning disability is enrolled and/or an accommodation has been requested. For this reason, we may want to encourage faculty to use Google Meet instead of Zoom or investigate a third-party vendor option.


If you already had an existing Zoom account using your SPU email address, you will be asked to switch your account over to the SPU account, so that this will enable single-signon with our systems to log you in. Please contact for assistance with this.


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