Ensuring Your Classroom Chromebox And Podium Monitor Are On

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All classroom computers contain Chromeboxes. Chromeboxes are not supposed to be switched off; however, sometimes people do switch them off, or they may be off because of a power outage. Podium display monitors should also not be switched off, and sometimes they may get disconnected due to loose cables. This article provides steps to ensure your classroom Chromebox is on, and your podium display monitor is properly connected, if these are not working in your classroom. 


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Chromebox Power Button

The Chromebox is a rectangular slab (Cuboid) with one corner cut that looks like the following picture. 


There are three possible places the Chromebox in your classroom may be located:

  1. Behind the podium monitor display
  2. Inside the left (vertical) compartment of the podium. 
  3. Inside one of the (horizontal) compartments of the podium.

Chromeboxes are not supposed to be switched off; however, sometimes people do switch them off, or they may be off because of a power outage.  Typically, your Chromebox should “wake up” when you move the podium mouse or press any key on the keyboard. If nothing happens after you do either of those, it is possible that your Chromebox may be switched off. 

You can tell if the Chromebox is on, after moving your mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard, by checking to see if there is a light from where it connects to the Ethernet cable (circled below).

If nothing displays on the screen, or you do not see any light where the Ethernet cord connects a couple of seconds after moving the mouse, the Chromebox may be switched off.

If it is switched off, It is very easy to turn it back on. The power button is located at the “cut” corner. You can simply press the button once to turn the Chromebox on. Once you press it, wait for approximately 50-60 seconds, and then try moving the mouse again. 

Please remember when you are done with your class, sign out of your Chromebox by clicking the pink “Sign Out” button at the lower right corner. Do not turn off the Chromebox or the podium monitor display (screen). 

Podium Monitor Display

Sometimes, because the podium monitor displays are tilted back and forth by other instructors, the two cables (HDMI and Power) might get loose.

If you can verify that the Chromebox is on (because you see the light from the ethernet cable connection), but the podium monitor display is blank and not turning on, try to push up the cables behind the monitor display, so that they firmly connect with the monitor itself. 

For any further questions on Classroom Technology, create a service ticket or contact servicedesk@saintpeters.edu to request assistance. 


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