Creating/Hosting/Scheduling A Zoom Meeting

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There are several ways to host a meeting on Zoom. This article covers the various ways of how to create and manage a meeting in Zoom, as well as where to find additional assistance and information on using this tool. 




To access your Zoom Dashboard, log into Zoom via the MyApps page, or go to the website.

Please follow these steps so set up a video meeting.

If you would like to schedule meetings ahead of time, here are the steps to do this, and here are the steps to set up recurring meetings in advance. After clicking on these links, expand the system you are using (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/Web) to view the specific instructions for that system. 

If you are a faculty member who has set up the Zoom Link in your Blackboard Course, you may access this area in your Blackboard course to set up meetings as well. 


Other Zoom Questions and Support

  • For further instructions, guides and resources on Zoom, see our Related Articles section for more information on various processes. Additionally, Zoom has created a robust self-service website with many FAQs and search options to support questions you may have about all of the features within this product. Click to access the Zoom Help Center and you will be able to type out questions to search these guides; navigate through articles and support topics, and watch videos and tutorials. 

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