Connecting To Saint Peter’s WiFi Network

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Saint Peter’s University has various WiFi networks to which staff, students and the community can connect.  The most prominent networks are SPU-Employees and SPU-Students.  How to connect to these networks depends on the device being used.  Below are the steps to perform to connect from an Android, Apple or Google Pixel device.




Current Instructions for connecting an Android, Apple or Google Pixel device to Saint Peter’s WiFi network:

       1. Disconnect from or “forget” network (SPU-Employees, SPU-Students, etc.).

       2. ​​​​​​SSID:  SPU-Employees, SPU-Students, etc.

           EAP Method: PEAP

           Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2

           Server CA Certificate: System(s) Certificate


           Identity: <username>

          Password: <password>

Leave “Anonymous Identity” and all other fields blank.  If there is an “Advanced Options” tab or button, press it and verify the “MAC” field is set to “device”.  The Google Pixel is one device on which this step has to be performed. 

      3. Click on  Connect .

NOTE – If connecting to WiFi is unsuccessful, please follow instructions in Connecting to SPU-Employees – Alternative or Connecting to SPU-Students – Alternative.


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