Computer Hardware And Software Ordering Process

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This process delineates the IT hardware and software ordering process for the University.




IT Client Services provide quotes for all computer hardware and software needs of the University.  Here is the process:

  1. Put in a request for computer hardware and software either on the Client Portal or by emailing and don’t forget to add as many details about what’s needed along with the quantity.
  2. A Client Services Representative will review and research your request.  Depending on what’s requested, it may be approved or denied.  He or she will reach out to the vendor for the quote.
  3. The quote(s) will be attached to the ticket request.  It is the responsibility of the quote requestor to login into our client portal system to access and download the quote(s).
  4. With the quote information provided, the department will place the order via a purchase requisition on SPIRIT Online.  Adjust the quantity accordingly.  Make sure to reference the person receiving this equipment under the note section of the requisitioning system.
  5. Depending on the cost, it needs to be approved by a one-up manager and/or two-up manager.
  6. The purchase requisition will turn into Purchase Order and will be sent to the vendor through the system. 


  • All computer hardware will be ordered with at least a 4-year warranty and will adhere to the current hardware and software standards of our department. 
  • All computer hardware owned by the University is inventoried and it is important for the University for this information to be accurate.  Do not relocate computer hardware without informing our department.
  • Old hardware will be pulled out to be decommissioned.
  • Grant purchased hardware is owned by the University.
  • When a printer quote is requested, whether monochrome or color unless it’s a plotter, we will be a laserjet type model and not inkjet.  As part of the deployment, it will be registered with our current printing vendor to provide maintenance and toner.  The department will provide the GL number for printing supplies to our department.
  • Client Services can NOT order the computer hardware or software on behalf of the department as our department does not have access to the GL account.  It is the responsibility of the department to place the order of said product through the purchase requisition system.
  • University employees that do not follow this process and decide to purchase their computer hardware and software on their own, our department has no obligation to support it and risks not being reimbursed by Finance.  Said individual or department accepts all responsibilities and risks pertaining to this unauthorized order.
  • Client Services has NO access to your department’s purchase order history.  Please reach out to Finance for any order status updates on the order.
  • If you are not familiar with placing a purchase requisition order, please contact Finance – Purchasing.

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