Classroom Volume Control Troubleshooting

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If you plan on using audio files or playing videos in your classroom, please note there are multiple places where the volume or sound can be enabled or muted. If you experience issues with volume or sound output in your classroom, please make sure to check the following areas outlined in this article. 


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If you plan on using audio files or playing videos in your classroom, please note there are multiple places where the volume or sound can be enabled or muted. We recommend if you wish to play an audio or video file in your classroom, try it out before the class starts, to make sure it works properly. If you experience any issues, make sure to check the below places, in the following order: 

1. The control panel on the wall or podium of your classroom. 

Make sure that the volume is on, and turned up.

The look and display of the volume on your control panel may vary depending on the type of classroom you are in – you may wish to review our training on classroom types to familiarize yourself with the look and placement of the volume control panel within your classroom. 


2. The application playing the video/sound (For example, Youtube or Audio/Video player). 

If you are playing a YouTube video or a video from a website, or playing a file from the computer, the video or audio player itself has a volume control, usually at the bottom of the video or application.

The above image shows the volume control on a YouTube video.  Make sure this is not muted, and the volume is turned up. 

3. The web browser tab you are using.

It’s possible to “mute” a browser tab. This may be done accidentally or intentionally, but when a browser tab is muted, no audio will play in it even if you have a video in it.  

Right-click the browser tab containing your sound and see if it’s muted or not (and make sure it’s not muted – if it is, select “unmute site”). 

4. (IF USING APPORTO) The Apporto volume control. 

Within Apporto, inside the Apporto Desktop or an application opened in Apporto, there’s a mute/unmute toggle at the top left area of the screen. 

If you are trying to play video or audio from within Apporto, make sure this is unmuted. 

5. (IF USING APPORTO’S FULL DESKTOP APP) The volume control on Apporto Desktop. 

This is available at the lower right corner after launching the Apporto Full Desktop App. 

Click the volume control and make sure it is unmuted and turned up high. 

6. The volume control on your ChromeBox.

On the lower right hand corner of your Classroom ChromeBox, click on the time displayed, and you will see a slider and setting for Volume control. Make sure this is not muted and the volume is set to the right side (high).

If you are still unable to hear sound, and there is an ” > ” button next to the volume, click on this – it means there may be multiple output devices. Choose a different output device, and try playing the sound again. 

If you have been through all of these places, and you are still unable to hear volume in your classroom when playing a video, please create a service ticket or contact to request assistance. 

Finally, if you end up muting or reducing the volume in any of these places while conducting a class, please make sure to restore it when your class is over, so the next professor will be able to play their files without any issue. 


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