Beginning Of Semester FAQ

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This article answers common technical questions received by IT Client Services at the start of each semester.




My password for SPIRIT isn’t working, even though I know I’m using the right one.  What’s going on?

Passwords are set to expire every six months as per our IT security policy, so if you are suddenly unable to log in (and have already confirmed that you are typing your SPIRIT username in all lowercase letters), you should reset your password at (instructions are in the links section below).

This only applies to current students, however.  If you are not currently registered for classes, you will not have access to anything other than your University GMail account.

Why aren’t the courses I registered for visible in Blackboard?

Your courses won’t appear in Blackboard until you are within two weeks of the start date of the course.  Even within that time frame, the professor teaching the course controls when the course becomes visible to students. Many professors are known to not make their courses visible until the start date.  If in doubt, you should contact the professor first to confirm they’ve done this, and you would only need to submit a support ticket if they have and it’s still not visible to you.

I’m a new student who just enrolled today, when will my accounts (GMail, Blackboard, SPIRIT, etc) be ready?

When new or returning students enroll with the University, we have an automated process which creates or re-enables their accounts.  This process usually takes a minimum of two days from the enrollment date to complete its work, and it’s not something we can expedite.  You may receive your SPIRIT ID number and the email address you have been assigned, but the process needs to complete before you’ll be able to log into anything.

I don’t know my SPIRIT ID number, can you provide that for me?

If you don’t know your SPIRIT ID number, you can find it on the back of your Saint Peter’s University Onecard.  If you don’t have that either, you can contact Enrollment Services at and they’ll be able to assist you.  IT is unable to provide students with SPIRIT ID numbers.

I don’t know my email address or SPIRIT username, can you provide me with that information?

We will need to verify your identity first, but yes, we can provide you with your email address and SPIRIT username if you don’t know it.

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