Adding Opers Record In Colleague

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This article demonstrates how to add an Opers record for an employee


Internal to IT


  1. Before adding OPERS record, find username of employee in XSPI
  1. Once username is found, enter the username in the SOD screen
  1. Confirm the user record does not already exist in SOD. If it does not already exist, add it
  1. In the security class, enter the screens that need to be added:
  1. When adding the screen in the security class, enter the first word twice: EX: CORE-CORE-DONT.DO.SCREENS in order for class to be recognized.
  2. Once complete, Save and Update
  3. After the steps in SOD is saved and updated, the final step will take place in the SVM screen
  4. In SVM, look up user using their username that was used in SOD
  5. In SVM, confirm that the staff code and operator ID match the username
  6. In the Staff Type, you will click the drop down and choose Staff and Staff Status, you will choose Current

Once that is set up, save and update and follow up with requestor to confirm that the OPERS record set up is complete


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